What does Horatius Cocles have in common with Kenyan Space Technologies

In the late 6th century BC, there was a war between Rome and Clusium. Legend has it that Horatius Cocles, a young Roman soldier and his two friends bravely seized one moment to defend a narrow bridge that would have enabled the Etruscan army invade and plunder Rome. This is very illustrative of how a few people or corporations can and are completely altering the course of history for different nations.

The essence of the above anecdote is to usher in the huge news of Kenya’s upcoming satellite launch. On a Sunday in August 2019 a sub-orbital rocket will blast-off for a near-space mission carrying 20 scientific CanSats as its payload and seeking to reach an altitude of 15 kms above Kenya.

This is however not Kenya’s first satellite; the country has launched Uhuru in the early 70s and another home-designed satellite last year from the Japanese module of the International Space Station.

Perhaps only a few people in Kenya and possibly only a few Kenyan companies are aware of the boost to national technological self-confidence and the improved community image as well as presence this will confer to participating companies. Kenya now has a small satellite in space and is making the first forays in developing satellite delivery capability which would be a first for an African nation – history is being made; will your company be part of it?

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